DSA Veterans is a national working group of the Democratic Socialists of America. We actively campaign against United States imperialism and war-profiteering while providing a voice for racial, economic, social, environmental, gender, religious, and disability rights justice.

We draw attention to the issues affecting all veterans and provide solutions from a socialist perspective. Veteran homelessness, joblessness, and mental & physical health issues will not be solved by de-funding the VA, privatizing healthcare, or sponsoring means-tested welfare solutions. We must envision a radical alternative for the future of our society.

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DSA VWG Core Values


Veterans experience firsthand the intersection between the military-industrial complex and aggressive US foreign policy. We stand firmly against imperialist intervention in all its forms and stand in solidarity with communities around the world impacted by American forever wars.


Capitalism drives the growing wage gap, poverty conditions, and exploitative economic structures that harm every citizen and veteran within the United States. The VWG stands in solidarity with all leftist organizations dedicated to alternate economic solutions.

End the Economic Draft

Military recruiting quotas have an outsized impact on communities of color and the working class. We stand against predatory recruiting practices and in full support of Medicare4All, Tuition-Free College, and Housing for All as the primary pillars to address the military poverty draft.

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