Ready to get involved?

First Steps

First and foremost, we need to add you to our rosters. You can do so by filling out our interest form.

Next, make sure you have joined our discord and introduce yourself. Discord is our main information pipeline so expect a greeting and plenty of information to sort through.

Once you reach this point we can begin the verification process.

DSA Membership Verification

Verification is conducted via Discord by sending a Direct Message (DM) to a Steering Committee member. Include a screenshot of the “DSA Monthly Dues Payment Receipt” email from the current billing month, using the same email as on the interest form. Once this is verified you’ll be assigned the “DSA Member” role in Discord and have access to its related channels.

Voting Member Verification

All members of the VWG claiming veteran status must verify their military service to receive voting rights within the Working Group or access to the shared drives.

Military service members on active duty are eligible for membership in the VWG. Service Members are not required to disclose their current service status under any circumstance other than the verification of their service and are entitled to have their name and likeness protected from public view.

The VWG Steering Committee will support document verification via video call so there is no formal record or violation of OPSEC.

Verification of Service Documents

  1. State Issued Photo ID (plus one of the following documents)
  2. Copy of DD-214 (Only boxes 1 – 6 need to be visible)
  3. Veteran Affairs ID card
  4. Any of the following VA Benefit letters from
    1. Commissary Letter
    2. Proof of Service Card
    3. Service Verification Letter
    4. Civil Service Preference Letter
    5. Benefits Summary and Verification Letter
    6. Benefit Verification Letter
  5. Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act Verification Letter
Service Members
  1. State Issued Photo ID (plus one below)
  2. Leave and Earnings Statement (top row only)
  3. Orders with SSN and Unit Redacted
  4. Stamped Graduation Certification from any job training
  5. First Page of Initial Enlistment or OCS contract.
DOD Civilians


Under no circumstances should a Common Access Card be captured on a still photograph or scanned into a digital file. Follow general OPSEC principles with all documentation to prevent the transfer of unauthorized information.

  1. The following items must be redacted before verification documents are sent/shown.
    1. All HIPPA-related information
    2. Social Security Numbers, Member IDs, Policy Numbers
    3. Addresses
    4. Any PII that is not a photo, the branch of service, or DOD / VA / DD Form letterhead.