Welcome! This page is a starting point for those who are interested in DSA and want to know how to get involved with our working group.

What is the DSA and how do I join?

Visit this page on the national DSA website to learn more about Democratic Socialism: About DSA.

You can join DSA by paying dues on the national website here: Join DSA! A percentage of your dues is remitted to your local chapter by the national organization.

How do I join the Veteran’s Working Group?

Getting on our mailing list is as easy as expressing your interest via this form. You will be contacted by a member of the VWG Steering Committee with instructions on how to join our Discord server.

Membership is open to all veterans, service members, DoD civilians, or anyone with military and DSA affiliation.

Join the Discord, that’s where we disseminate information, capture votes, and organize.

How can I contact the DSAVWG?

There are several ways for members of the public to contact and stay in touch with us!

Click to join our Discord!
How should I use Discord?

Discord is a chat app that serves as our primary means of communication. Anyone is welcome in the discord, and you can gain access by clicking the discord logo on this page.

Here are a few guidelines for using Discord:

  • While some people may choose not to use their full names due to security concerns, we ask all DSA and VWG members to consider using a ‘real name’ we can easily identify you by within the chapter.
  • Please include your preferred pronouns in parentheses in your name.
  • Review the #server-rules channel.
  • Introduce yourself in the #introductions channel.
  • Feel free to turn off notifications or mute channels you aren’t interested in so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Channels are locked down based on status. The general public cannot see the verified DSA Members’ channels, and the verified DSA members cannot see the verified VWG Members’ channels.
  • Keep it comradely. Refrain from hostility and contact the mods/admins if you have any concerns.
  • Please do your best to post in the most appropriate channels and avoid spamming the chapter with anything that might not be relevant. If you are unsure, feel free to post in the #general channel to figure out the best path forward.