The Democratic Socialists of America Veterans Working Group was founded in 2017 to provide a conduit for veterans seeking to connect with their communities and each other in the fight for racial, economic, social, environmental, gender, religious, and disability rights justice.

Due to general attrition and reduced member activity, the Veterans’ Working Group ceased activity and general meetings around 2018. In 2021, a small group of individuals began work to restart, refound, and revitalize the organization. With a unanimous vote from 15 new members, the VWG refounded on March 10th, 2021.

Our goal is to transform the DSA Veteran’s Working Group into a tent-pole community for anti-capitalist veterans and active duty service members who work towards the common goal of enacting democratic socialist reforms alongside civilian organizations. We want to be a national, online community with a dedicated “vet-to-chapter” recruitment pipeline, a robust calendar full of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly meetings, and an organizational infrastructure capable of supporting a variety of projects.

To that end, we will pursue the following strategic objectives:

  • Actively recruit veterans, active duty service members, and military-adjacent personnel to the DSA at large, the VWG, and their local DSA chapter. 
  • Build a community aligned around democratic socialist values that provides for solidarity, social uplift, and personal support for members of the VWG. 
  • Provide a bonafide voice against imperialism, nationalism, and the military-industrial complex while fighting for the shared goals of racial, economic, social, environmental, gender, religious, and disability rights justice.

Interested? Get involved by expressing your intent to participate via the “Join Us” tab above. We are looking for writers, organizers, and community members who want to be active in the DSA and join fellow veterans in the struggle for democratic socialism.

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